Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What your staff says about you as a doctor. ..

I had an appointment today with a new doctor.  I was hoping she would be my new primary doctor,  but I left before ever seeing her and vowed to never go back. When I scheduled the appointment last week I was on the phone for 20 mins and during that time speaking to two different people who both had to ask me for my emergency contact's date of birth.  It was an odd question that I had to answer 3 times.

They didn't bother to tell me they had moved to a new building last week so strike one was showing up at the location I was given only to be greeted by a note on the door instructing me of the new address. I find the new building and am pleased it is in the same place as my pain management doctor.

I go into the waiting room and it's a good 90 degrees in there. Thus is not a pleasant feeling for people with ms who are heat intolerant.

There is a gentleman at the desk. He very politely asks for test results from his previous visit explaining he was told he would have the test  results within two weeks and it has been 32 days. He asked simply for a printout of the results and to schedule an appointment to come back and go over the results.  The lady at the counter informs him he can wait and they will try to fit him in today to go over the results. He states he doesn't have time to wait today and would just like the copy of the results and to schedule a time to review them. At this point the demeanor of the lady behind the counter changes. With an attitude she tells him to have a seat because she has to print the results and they will be ready in a minute. As soon as the gentleman turns his back she rolls her eyes at him. Hello? There are other people here who can see you!

At this point I am questioning my decision to come here. Now it's my turn to speak to the counter trolls. There are three of them at the desk and not a single one appearing to be working. I introduce myself stating I have a 2:45 appointment as a new patient. Usually when you say new patient they grab paperwork for you to fill out. I am told "have a seat and we'll be with you in a minute". No smile no please no thank you.

So I sit. Next to me is a lady with a fussy baby. Of course with the temperature I am already breaking a sweat I assume this child is as hot as I am. The mom is trying to calm the baby and mentions she is still waiting though her appointment was scheduled for an hour and thirty minutes ago.

They call the man up and hand him his paperwork.  He again asks to schedule an appointment to come in and go over the test results with the doctor. The desk troll proceeds to tell him that he cannot request an appointment in person and that he needs to call to schedule a time.
As he turns to leave the desk troll again rolls her eyes at this man who has done nothing but politely ask for his paperwork.
It is at this point I decided that obviously Dr.  Hernandez is not in need of any more patients as her staff can not be inconvenienced by those she already has. I find it absolutely offensive that the staff thinks treating their patients this way is acceptable. Do they not realize that if it wasn't for these patients they would not be employed?

So it turned out to be a waste of time and gas to go down there. I am still looking for a new doctor and it's back to the drawing board.