Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thanks to MS

Well thanks to MS I don't think that I want to find another full time job. I have decided to make the investment in myself and start my own business. Here's to hoping I can make it work!

Yes, sex toys!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Congrats! We figured out what is wrong with you!

You have MS! Yes, it is an incurable disease, no we don't know what causes it, and all treatment options are pretty much going to be a guess from here on out. For a 27 year old, this diagnosis was a death sentence. I have found an incredible group of people who are living with this disease and going through the same issues as I am. I have also been introduced to people who's symptoms are a lot worse than mine and it makes me grateful for what I have.

I have been keeping a journal of thoughts and problems I am having with this disease, and I have been selfishly holding on to it. most of it is just bitter complaining about this disease and my body refusing to work properly or notes to ask the doctor. I have also learned a lot about this disease and different treatment options along the way and I thought I might be able to help someone else by sharing my experiences.

If you have this disease, then you already know why I chose the title MSucks. Because it really does. It does help to have someone to talk to who has been through this. your family and your friends try to be there to support you but they have no idea how to help you and they have no idea what your body is really going through. they don't understand the fatigue and the frustration when your legs decide not to work. They will never understand the terror when your body doesn't respond to the meds and you don't know if this symptom is ever going away.

Like I said, I have been very fortunate to connect to a world of people who battle this disease every day. One of my favorite websites which has become a daily source of both information but also entertainment and understanding is

Ok now that introductions are over, I will start uploading my personal information to share. If it helps one person to realize how this disease effects you or if it helps one person not to feel alone in this battle then my job is done.