Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekly Check In time!

Let's see, the good news or the bad news first? The bad news is kind of funny so we will start there and end on a happy note.....

Yesterday I managed to pull a bonehead MS move... Falling UP the stairs. Now let's face it, I have never been one to do anything half-assed. Not only did I manage to fall up the stairs, I managed to land on my big toe causing an obviously broken toe and a suspected broken metetarsal too. Which hurts like the devil, but does make a funny story. Especially considering I am just getting over the sprained ankle on the other foot from last weekend.

The diet is going great. I have lost another 3.4 pounds since last week for those who are keeping track that makes 8.4 pounds in the last 3 weeks! I have been craving avocados for the last few days. I have never craved avocados even when I was pregnant, but hey I got 8lbs saying I can eat a few if I want. So that is my update.

No major MS symptoms besides the feeling liek something is touching my back when it is not and the lightning bolts. It doesn't hurt, I can see, i can walk, and I am able to feel my legs so i am still not calling the neuro.

I do NOT regret not trying the Rebif because in general I feel great. And I highly recommend this diet to anyone who wants to try it. Not saying it's for everyone, just saying it seems to be working wonders with me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exciting new changes and another 2 lbs down.

Welcome to the end of week 2. I lost another 2 lbs. I have done great at sticking to the new diet. Except for the dark chocolate chip brownies I made last night. But in all fairness I started working out again this week and DD and I went on a 2 mile hike yesterday and another 2 back and my guilt made me do another hour of yoga last night before bed after I finished all of my ebay listings. Yes, it was 1 AM but I have found I sleep better after an hour of stretching.

Some funny things I have discovered.... Yoga isn't as easy as it used to be and it is going to take a lot of time and effort to get my full balance back. It's also a lot harder to do now that I have a gut and I am not as bendy as I used to be. Yoga used to be my "thing" then I had a kid and a full time job and a hour commute each way and dinner to cook and baths to give and .... you know how it goes.

So in my discovery that yoga isn't as easy as it used to be I found I would benefit greatly from a balance ball. And ode to the wonders of Super Target... The ball I was looking at was $27.99 but then I found the Biggest Loser set with the ball and resistance bands on clearance for $9.98 Can't beat that!

Now let's talk realistic goals. Realistically I would like to tone up, improve my balance and lose no less than 30 lbs. Realistically I will not be able to do that in 2 weeks time it is something I have to stick with. Realistically I would like to be able to make it through my old yoga routine without falling over or getting the shakes like I am now.

The MS updates: I still have the lightning bolts when I bend my head. And a new thing is when i get out of the shower and dry off and hang my towel up it feels like the towel is still rubbing my lower back. This lasts for about 5 minutes. It doesn't hurt it is just annoying and no I am not consulting with my neuro about it.

Overall, I feel better than I have in a year. I am starting to feel like me again and it is so nice to be able to do things again! My daughter and I spend no less than an hour each day doing something fun like going to the park or hiking through the woods or hitting the beach. It is going to suck when school starts and I have to go back to work. But the business although it is doing pretty good still isn't enough to justify not working. I do plan on keeping the business after I go back to work and only plan on working part time. So for now life is good.

I realize this could change at any moment so I am going to live it up as long as I can.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update on the diet/ herbs/ vitamins

Tomorrow marks one week since I started my new diet and became a fish-etarian. I have cut out caffeine except for the ONE cup of coffee I am allowing myself to have in the morning. This was a HUGE step for me. Before I would drink no less than 4 cups of coffee and probably 4-6 glasses of super sweet Iced Tea. And any trip to the gas station warranted a Pepsi.

I force myself to eat breakfast now. I don't eat eggs, haven't since I was a kid and that is not changing now. Breakfast is pretty easy, a bagel and cream cheese or one of my many varieties of fruit smoothies with yogurt, and my cup of coffee. Followed of course by my 8 oz of aloe powder/ water mix which I normally use to wash down the first of my three part vitamin ritual. (Omegs 3-6-9, B12, Selenium)

Lunch is raw veggies, normally a salad which I use a variety of things in to create different kind and flavors. Yesterday was Spinach with mushroom, tomato and onion. Today probably citrus asparagus mix with apples. Followed by part two of the vitamins (Omega 3-6-9, Vit C, Zinc, Calcium).

Dinner is the only time I eat meat and by meat I mean fish, maybe chicken. If I eat meat at all. Last night I made the BEST manacotti with spinach, mushroom, onions, zucinni, cheese and topped with creamy pesto basil sauce. I also have some kind of salad with dinner as I am increasing my veggie intake. Again with the vitamins (Omega 3-6-9).

I also keep an herbal tea concoction in the fridge which I drink throughout the day. Green tea, Chamomile,Elder Flower, Yarrow Flower, Peppermint, Rosehip, Cinnamon, Ginger, Safflower, Licorice, mixed with Honey. Which has replaced my Iced Tea. yes it's a lot of stuff, but really it's only 4 different kinds of teat that I combine when I make it.

I have also increased my water intake, forcing myself to drink those 8 glasses a day. And I snack on fruits with cheese or yogurt when I want something sweet.

The results:
The lightning bolts when bending my head are still here but barely noticeable. I have actually increased my food intake I am eating a lot more than I used to... but I lost 3 pounds in the last week. None of the other MS symptoms are back. I feel more energetic, which could just be the psychological effect of putting good stuff in my body. And the one surprising thing... my face is clearing up! I have been having breakouts since my first round of IVSM. I feel amazing.

The only downside is that I am still cooking normal foods for my daughter and fiance. He doesn't like fish, she doesn't like anything with spices so she won't eat my fish.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Natural Healing? No I will not give up Gluten or Dairy!

What happens when you have some random disease that keeps kicking your butt and your best friend is a nutritionist? Well, eventually you turn to them for help. Now I have followed the research on the gluten/dairy free diets. In theory this is a great idea. But in the real world not so much. I mean is life worth living without pasta and cheese?? Not in my house it is not. When I get stressed out, I make bread. Sometimes I make cheese filled bread. And no, I am unwilling to give these things up.

I am willing to make a few changes. I was even convinced to start drinking aloe juice. I have replaced my giant bag of medications with a giant bag of vitamins and my tea drawer is now stocked full of teas and herbs as the way it used to be before I was diagnosed with the MonSter.

I have decided to go back to a mostly vegetarian diet. I didn't eat meat for 3 years. I was far from vegan, like I said I like my cheese too much. Note that I said mostly vegetarian diet. I don't see myself going back to strictly veggies and fruits. But with summertime approaching and the abundant sources of fresh fruits and veggies I see no reason not to center my diet in this department.

I am doing this for two reasons. I want to lose weight and I want to feel better. When I gave up meat before it was because my stepfather had cows and I became attached to these cows, I fed them and pet them and named them. One day my favorite one was sent to be slaughtered and that is when I gave up meat. Obviously I got over this and went back to thick juicy steaks. I have also gained a lot of weight since then and with the added weight and now the MS crap I just don't feel healthy. It is time to make a change and since I am refusing the Rebif for now I need to find a better alternative.

I did discover something last night that I thought I would share. You know what helps build myelin? Omega fatty acids. Yes, these too have been incorporated into the diet.

And my little girl turned 5 today! She will be starting kindergarten this year. Where does the time go?