Friday, November 13, 2009

Disability People wanted a list of my symptoms.... Figured I would share.

August 2008- Small patch of skin felt numb on Right calf inner calf area.

Sept 2008- Slip and fall resulted in 3 broken bones in hand, pulled tendon in forearm (right arm) and entire right leg went numb.
End of Sept 2008- Made appt with Orthopedic Specialist- Several X-Rays/ Reflex tests, determined it was not a pinched nerve, and had nothing to do with my spine as it was of normal size and alignment. Referred me to a neurologist, for possible nerve damage.

October 2008- First appt with neurologist- determined there was a problem in my spinal cord and sent me right away for an MRI. Oct 31- Results from MRI confirm neurologist suspicions of Multiple Sclerosis. 4 lesions found in Thoracic spine. I was then sent in for another MRI of my brain and blood testing and LP to test for any other possible causes for lesions. There was no MRI done on the Cervical spine at this time.

November 2008- Results of all tests are back, 7 lesions found on brain along with the 4 in the thoracic spine. LP tested positive, all blood work indicates no other possible causes. At this point, the left leg is going numb, along with numbness in back, mostly right side form shoulder blades down. Neurologist started a 5 day treatment with IVSM at a gram a day. I became very ill, and very swollen. Weight gain, depression, lethargic, and 6 blown veins in 5 days time. Neurologist administered water pills and a five day supply of Ambien to try to counteract the effects of IVSM. Two days after stopping IVSM, woke up soaking wet, and covered in sweat, shivering, and aching. This lasted for 2 days and then went away.I was on the Medrol dose pack taper after the IVSM. This was followed with extreme pain in both ankles, felt like the joint was locking up. After a few days this too went away. Three days after LP, began having tension headaches, which were accompanied by a burning feeling in both legs. Neurologist prescribed Duradrin to treat headaches. Also prescribed Zoloft for depression and Amitriptyline to aid in sleeping. Neurologist also administered Skelaxin for pain.

December 2008- Began having balance issues when walking. I could no longer walk in a straight line. Also began seeing yellow/white spots in my left eye. Blurred vision in the left eye. Evoked Potentials test revealed “mild case of optic neuritis”. Neurologist administered 7 days of Medrol dose pack. Depression continued, and I was told to up the dosage on the Zoloft. Started daily injections of Copaxone.

Jan 2009- Woke up with severe pain in the spine between the shoulder blades. Called neurologist was instructed to go to the ER. ER docs contacted the neurologist who recommended Percocet and Another round of Medrol dose pack. Followed up the following day with neurologist, was told symptoms were stress induced, and I was sent home. Followed up again two weeks later, symptoms continued to get worse, including electrical feeling down my spine when I would bend my head. We tried another 7 day taper of Medrol dose pack. Vision issues and balance issues continued to progress. At this point I was numb from the shoulder blades down to my toes on both sides. I was once again told it was stress induced and I was told to follow up in 4 months. At this point I decided it was time to find a new neurologist.

Feb 2009- Made an appointment with a new neurologist. For mid march. At this point I was no longer able to drive a car. I could not feel the pedals under my feet and I could not see clearly out of my left eye. Balance issues continued to progress. Called old neuro about worsening of symptoms and he called in another 7 day taper Medrol Dose pack.

Mar 2009- Went to Kentucky to visit family. By the time we arrived from the 12 hour car trip, my pinky and ring finger on right hand had gone completely numb as well as the skin on my forearm down to my elbow. Saw new neurologist who immediately called in another 5 day round of IVSM, administered at home this time. She also sent me in for another MRI which showed a more lesions and growth of previous lesions in the Cervical and Thoracic Spine, as well as the brain. See attached. Called when we returned home, the neurologist on call called in a prescription for Baclofen. To help with the spasms in my back whenever I would lay down.
End of March 2009- I became ill after my fiancé contracted a case of walking pneumonia/ bronchitis. At that point, I decided to stop taking the Copaxone and all other meds while I was on the antibiotics to treat the pneumonia/ bronchitis. Within 3 days, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my balance. By 7 days of not taking Copaxone, I was able to walk in a straight line, I could feel my legs and back, and the pain had subsided. It was at this point I followed up with my neurologist, who recommended I begin Rebif injections. I decided to try to take a more homeopathic approach. Ten days after stopping Copaxone, my vision had returned to normal and the neuro-opthomologist could find no signs of optic neuritis.

April 2009- I decided not to start the Rebif, and to try treating the disease with diet and vitamins. I gave up beef and pork, began taking a daily regiment of vitamins. Vitamins included: Vitamin E, C, B6, B12, D, Calcium, Selenium, Aloe Powder, Omega 3-6-9. Only one of my symptoms remained. I still felt electrical charges when I would bend my head. This began to get worse and I began to have what felt like crawling skin/ pins and needles down my back whenever I would dry off after a shower. None of my other symptoms returned. Another MRI on Brain and optic nerves. Brain shows progressing. See attached.

June 2009- We moved. Numbness, and back spasms returned. I assumed it was from the physical stress of moving, waiting two weeks, when it did not subside, I called the neuro. I was told the symptoms were most likely a result of physically over working, and to give it some time. Numbness continued to get worse, as well as the pins/needles feeling in both of my legs. Spasms started in my back again whenever I would try to lay down and pain in my spine between shoulder blades and in neck returned.

July 2009- Sinus infection brought on the return of Optic Neuritis. Antibiotics administered. Followed up with neurologist. Another 5 day round of IVSM was administered. Started Neurontin for the pins/needles feeling in my legs which is increasing with heat.

August 2009- Finished IVSM and another MRI of Cervical and Thoracic Spine shows it is still progressing and new lesions are forming. Started Avonex weekly injections. Also started Ambien to aid in sleeping and Tramadol for pain. Began experiencing sever depression issues, pain continued in my spine. At this point the neurologist called in a prescription for Ketorolac. After stopping the IVSM, had what felt like a kidney infection followed by a yeast infection that lasted for over a week. Was prescribed Citalopram for the depression. Began having night sweats and not being able to sleep at night.

Sept 10-12 2009- Awakened with severe pain in right lower rib, pain spread to include left lower rib. By the end of the day the pain also included my back, it felt like there was a band around my body squeezing. I informed the neurologist the pain subsided after 2 days.

Sept 24, 2009- Had Tubal Ligation surgery. There was excruciating pain afterwards, mostly in my spine and abdomen. The pain increased as time went on, and I began running a low grade fever . Left eye began to have fuzzy vision, numbness in my right hand (pinky and ring finger down to my elbow). This also caused both of my legs to go completely numb. The depression issues continued along with MS related fatigue. Began to have injection site reactions to Avonex, including swelling, and redness. Skin was hot to touch. Was advised to stay on the Avonex at this point. Night sweats continued, to the point I was soaking through my pajamas and my sheets.

Sept 30, 2009- Diagnosed and treated for a sinus infection and inner ear infection.

October 2009- Injection site reactions with Avonex continued. Also began breaking out in hives on both legs and chest. Regained some feeling in my legs, pressure can be felt but the skin is still numb to the touch. My right leg has bouts of hypersensitivity. The skin is either numb or feels like there is electricity buzzing through it followed by a crawling bug feeling under the skin. Began having sever cramping and severe periods from the Tubal Ligation. I was put on birth control pills to counteract this. Follow up with neurologist, it was decided that we would be stopping Avonex and switching to Tysabri. Due to a worsening of pain and cognitive issues, we did another set of MRIs where they found more lesions in my brain and determined the lower back pain was from Degenerative Disk Disease and there was mild bulging in every disc of my lumbar region. I decided to stop taking Avonex on 10/24/2009. The injection reactions were getting worse with the hives and the night sweats, and the fatigue and depression were also increasing. Was diagnosed and treated again in October with another sinus and inner ear infection.

November 2009- Gained 13 pounds in two weeks time. Swelling, and cramping in lower abdomen, strange smelling urine, constipation, lower back pain, and mild grade fever resulted in another trip to the doctor. Testing found glucose and protein in urine. Because it tested negative for white blood cells it was determined this was not a kidney infection. Blood work was tested, and I was sent in for ultra sounds. Nothing found. Was prescribed Avelox and Vicoden and told to follow up with my neurologist.

This has been my life for the last year....