Monday, December 28, 2009

urodynamics testing...

OK so obviously the measuring cup I bought to record my peeing ability is wrong. According to the cup I am retaining well over 7 cups of fluid...which I don't think is humanly possible. I am getting ready to go in for the testing. I am so not looking forward to having a cath inserted and seeing how much fluid my bladder can hold before it leaks. This just doesn't sound like fun. And the fact it is to be done so early in the morning only makes it twice as bad.... More later after its all over.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Time Update

Haven't updated in a while...let's see, where to begin? Christmas shopping sucks when you have MS! As I found myself stumbling around like a drunken monkey last night I realized I may have over done it just a little.

I have one more present for the kids to pick up on the way to moms and I will be done. Fortunately this one is at a friend's house and in the same neighborhood as my mom.

Then the kid and I are headed to spend the night at moms then up for Christmas with my sister and the kids tomorow morning then back here to cook and clean for christmas day so that the kids can destroy my house again. And I get to clean again before my mom and his parents come over...and some time between then I have to get my kid packed up and shipped out to go to her dads so she can do Christmas there. See, there is a downfall to having a broken family.

UGH! So for the dreaded MS -> Let's see...oh wait, I can't. Left eye is all wonky again, my legs are somewhere between numb and oversensative, and for some reason my butt is numb. That's a fun one. Still can't pee! Balance is all crazy and the fatigue is starting to set in again.

Swicthed to a new wholesaler and I am trying desperately to get the new inventory set up on the sites which is time consuming and I just don't have the time, plus I have 2 kids here until after New Years, so getting any work done has to be after bed time. I am so looking forward to the time when they go back to school.

Well, i have to get off here and go get some cleaning done. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!