Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I got a call on 3/22/2010 from the SSDI worker who I have been hounding for the last 2 months who needed additional employment information. I was told they finally have all of the paperwork from all of the doctors and a decision will be made that day and I would have the decision in writing int he next 2 days.

Of course I got no letter. And I waited and I waited.

On 3/24/2010... I check the mail, no news from SSDI. I check the website, no news from SSDI. I call the 800 #, and I am told "according to our files your case is still pending and we have until may 20th to give you a decision". I call the case worker (the same guy who called me on monday to tell me a decision will be made that day).... and it rings and rings and rings and rings, no voicemail, no press 0 to be directed to an operator... just ringing. Ok, maybe he is at lunch (it is 12:45 at this point). Nope. No dice all day.

On 3/25/2010, I was FINALLY able to get through to the operator at the Fairfax SSDI office. I explained to her the phone issues with trying to reach my case manager... Oh, they changed the number and didn't bother to notify anyone. She was able to put me through to his voicemail.

03/26/2010 He calls back. The system (which we all know is flawed, to say the least) is that he collects all medical info and makes his determination if he decides that you are indeed disabled it goes to their doctors for another medical determination.

The doctors on their team apparently were confused about 1 of my cervical MRIs. That is 1 out of the 7 Cervical MRIs that they have on file. But they were confused about the ONE and why the lesions had tried to grow together into one big mass. I was told that a decision had been reached and said decision left the office this afternoon and I would be notified by mail in the next few days (monday, the 29th) By law he is not allowed to tell me yes or no over the phone.

Today is Tues 03/30/2010. STILL NO NEWS!! Yes, it has been 9 months, and 17 days since I filed for disability. And I still do not have an answer from anyone on this matter. I am beyond frustrated and ready to sue each and every one of them if given the opportunity to just for the mental BS they have caused.