Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Enemy Inside

There’s an enemy in my body, slowly chipping my life away.
I can feel it all of the time, it’s with me every day.
I am so tired of hurting, tired of the constant pain.
It’s killing my body, making holes in my brain.

There’s an enemy in my body, making me lose my mind.
The path back to myself something I may never find.
I am fighting a constant war, which no one else can see.
Trapped in my own prison, I will never be free.

This enemy in my body leaves me feeling broken, tortured, and scared.
New demons to face tomorrow, constantly feeling so unprepared.
There needs to be an answer, there needs to be a cure.
I cannot take this sorrow, this pain I cannot endure.

There is an enemy in my body, reminding me this battle is wages on inside.
With each breath that I take, I face an emotional whirlwind inside.
Not ready to give up yet, this monster I want to fight.
Each day it reminds me that it is taking away my life.