Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Over and I Am Alone, Broken and Alone

And today we were having dinner and he just told me he would never be happy here. He loves me but he is not in love with me and he has decided he is moving home in June. He couldn’t handle the burdens of me and this disease.
He loves me but he is not in love with me and hasn’t been for a very long time. We are two different people and we want different things in life and this is for the best for both of us. I deserve more than he can give me. I deserve a man who will love me like he is supposed to. I have been his best friend and his only friend for 4 years, I have been a mother to his child and he hopes I can continue to do so. I am the best girlfriend a man could ever ask for but he needs to be at home.
Yes, this is two days after he held me and kissed me and vowed to work this out. Promised to try to work this out. Made love to me afterwards. Apparently none of that meant anything to him.
I am an emotional wreck and all I can think about are our kids. This isn’t fair to them, this isn’t fair to me. I am the only mom his child has ever known and he has been a father to my child for over half of her life. And he is going to walk away. And who will be there to pick up the pieces of the shattered hearts?
I deserve a lot of things but I don’t deserve this. I have been faithful, open, loving, caring, dedicated to him. I have been there for him, his daughter, my daughter, our family. I cleaned the house, did the dishes, took care of the animals, and did his laundry, ran his errands, and there was a hot meal waiting for him each night after work. I was there sexually any time he wanted me, I worked my ass off to please him.
I spent 4 years of my life falling deeper in love with each day that passed for a man who doesn’t love me back. His daughter thinks she is coming here in june and she is going to come to live with us and she will finally have the family she has missed out on for the last 13 years. And he is going to take that away from her. Snatch the heart out of her chest and she is going to hurt the most of all of us.
He said we reached a point where neither of us gave a damn enough to fight for this. He was wrong. I would have fought to the death for that man, I would have gladly given my life for him and our family. And he didn’t love me enough to be honest with me when he began having doubts. He kept it inside until it consumed him. This has cut me to the deepest depths of my soul and I don’t know if I will survive this.
He doesn’t love me enough to fight. He doesn’t love me enough to even try to work this out. He doesn’t love me enough to stay. Our family and our life doesn’t mean anything to him because his mind is made up and I have no say in the matter.