Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Insomnia Insomnia INSANITY!!

I am so done with these damn doctors! I went to see my Primary Care Doc last week. This was a follow up to two weeks before. He got the results of my blood tests and he sees that I am both vitamin B and vitamin D deficient. Well DUH I have MS!! The good news, my thyroid levels are normal. None of this explains my sleeping issues.

So he started me on B12 shots and added a high dose vitamin D supplement. B12 shot… excellent idea! Except of course for the fact that giving me super energy boost when I have been complaining for months about sleep issues seems to be a pretty logical bad idea.

I have been on Ambien for almost 3 years now. It stopped working and when it does work, I sleep less than 4 hours. He added Elavil a while back. That was also not working. Then there was the lovely issue where my congressman decided that I was no longer allowed to have the 12.5 mg of Ambien CR I have been on for almost 2 years. Some moron wrecked her car and blamed Ambien so congress decided no one was allowed more than 5 mg. So I didn’t sleep for 3 weeks. I was then able to be bumped back up to 10 mg. Still not working. I am trying to explain to him that after 3 years on this drug my body has grown immune to it.

I have tried every other sleep aid he has to offer. I was then told to double up on the Elavil. Did this for 2 weeks prior to last week’s appointment. Still not working. And at this point I am out of both Ambien and Elavil.

My doctor in his infinite wisdom has decided that he isn’t going to write me a script for anything to help me sleep until I follow up with the neuro I haven’t seen since last October when I stopped Tysabri infusions. I don’t have a reason to see her. The only medication she was prescribing for me was Tysabri. I am PPMS. I have had no new symptoms since then that she can do anything about, thus what is the point?? I was also told to wait to follow up with her until he got the results of the blood tests.

And now he is blackmailing me into making an appointment with my neurologist by withholding sleeping medication. I mean seriously??

This is the same week my pain management doctor was fired, and I was passed on to the new doctor at that office. This man is a graduate from Harvard Medical. He decided my case is too complicated for him (i.e., I have MS) so he has passed me on to the worst hospital I have ever dealt with which is in Richmond, a good hour and a half drive each way from my house.

I have been awake since 9 a.m. yesterday morning. 27 hours of being awake and the insomnia is causing more frustration than I can handle. I am also bipolar…which ALL of my doctors know. Do they not realize that not sleeping is a trigger for people who are bipolar, and the stress from all of this is a trigger for MS symptoms??

I am so frustrated I want to punch someone in the face!