Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I finally found a perk to this dang disease!

Actually I found 2 perks.

One I got a really cool t-shirt. Reminded me of the fight I had with my ex when he told me "well, you don't look sick" My response of course being that he didn't look like a Moron, but looks CAN be deceiving. I was playing online the other night and ran across a T-shirt on zazzle that says "I may not look sick but you should see my MRI." For some reason at 4 a.m. this gave me a case of the insomniac giggles and I decided I had to have it. I even customized it and added a pic of one of my MRIs it's a really cool shirt that my mom thinks is completely sadistic, so see even more oolness points there.

And perk number two... Well, not so much a perk as a ha ha I win! My fiance went in to have an MRI on his leg (you know, the one with the steel rod in it) Can't imagin why that hurt so bad. So he comes home and proceeds to get sick, and sicker and sicker until Sunday afternoon when i put him in the car and drove to the ER. An IV of morphine, 6 hours and about 20 tests later... He either has really bad bronchitis or walking pneumonia. Well wouldn't you know it started kicking my butt on Monday. I ended up at the doctors office on Tuesday begging for death to claim me now before it gets any worse. yes, me with a 103 fever makes a sick pathetic girl. He gives me a different antibiotic than the fiance and he decided another course of oral steroids would be in order. well it seems to be doing the trick aside from a sore throat i feel fine. Poor fiance can't get out of bed without getting dizzy. He is headed back to the Dr tomorrow. So ha! Sucker you give me your crap and I will get over it before you.

So yes those are my two perks... better drugs and t shirt.