Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm alive! That is the good news....I think.

Hi everyone! I know I am MIA again. I promise I am not ignoring everyone. I did my 5 days of IVSM and I have been tying to recover ever since.

The good news is this round wasn't as bad as the last one. Doing it at home was a lot easier, but I did have some issues that will probably prevent me from doing it at home again. The bad news is, all of my symptoms are worse. I have been in my house for a week and today was the first time I was home without a babysitter.

This one unfortunately is going to be short I am trying to type with one eye closed and squinting out of the other. My right eye decided to go kuput since it's been over compensating for the left one since Dec. Balance is actually worse, but I was able to high five my best friend the other night in celebration of the fact I have not fallen down the stairs in over a week.

I even got to deal with my old company for two days while I was in the midst of steroid rages. I paid my Cobra payment and THEY didn't pay the insurance premiums. (I am not surprised) They have a habit of not paying their bills, I am so glad I don't work there anymore. Took me threatening a lawsuit and about 30 phone calls to get all of that settled.

Tomorrow I have the back to back MRI scheduled for the spine pictures and then I get to go back Friday for the brain. Now seeing as I cannot see clearly or feel the pedals to drive, I get to rely on my mother again, which makes me feel a little pathetic, but I am glad she is here.

Ok, I am going to go get some sleep...Well you know what I mean, I'm gonna go drug myself with enough muscle relaxers to tranquilze a horse and hope it stops the spasming long enough for me to get the 3 hours of sleep I need to prevent me from becoming dillusional.