Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Met my new neuro today.

And I get to look forward to 5 days if IVSM again! BLAH! And I am scheduled for next
Thursday for spinal MRI and I get to go back Friday for another brain MRI. She wants to see how many new lesions are there and/or if the existing ones are growing. She did use the p word today. Fortunately she's not ready to sign that death warrant just yet.

She did agree that my last doctor was a moron for giving my the medrol dose pack and hoping it fixed the Optic Neuritis, and for not doing anything else when two tries with it didn't work. Or, as she put it "like putting a band aid over a bullet wound" I am seeing 60/80 out of my left eye....with my contacts in! That's a little freaky. I can see perfectly out of my right eye.

The good news is, I should be able to do the IVSM at home this time instead of having to drive to the hospital every day, go thru registration, and go to another building for IV therapy where they still managed to blow up all my veins.

The new doc seems pretty cool, even if she is a lot younger than expected. I don't know why I have a prejudice against young doctors, I guess I see them as inexperienced. But on the plus side she is not too far out of med school so hopefully she is a little more up to date than Dr. Idunnohaveanotherpainpill.

Oh and the weird electric current going down my spine when i bend my head is not me going crazy it is apparently a rather ordinary symptom in most MS patients. See I'm not as crazy as I look.

We are taking bets on the MRI results. So far the pot is up to $50. I am betting there are 5 new lesions. Some bet more, some bet less (they obviously have no idea how this disease works) and one person is betting no change. Let's see who's right.